Hang Around® Sticks
hang around tree climbing sticks
hang around tree climbing sticks for hunting
tree climbing sticks for hunting
hang around tree stand climbing sticks
hang around climbing sticks

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Heaven's Trail®

Hang Around® Sticks

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The Hang Around® Climbing Sticks are not your ordinary climbing system. These Climbing Sticks can be installed quickly and provide a broad, comfortable foot pad for climbing. They are weight rated up to 400 lbs.

Your Purchase Includes
  • 5x Climbing Sticks
  • 1x set of Climbing Stick Ratchet Straps
  • 1x Tether System

Features of the Hang Around® Sticks

Quality. Comfort. Performance.

  • 400 lbs.
    ASTM load capacity
    of 400 lbs.
  • Dura-con Coated
    Grade 5 Bolts
  • Trail Dirt® Coating
  • Aluminum Construction

Spacious & Strong

The Hang Around® Sticks provide a large and stable platform for your climb up and down.

Rung Dimensions
7.375"L X 12"W
Stick Height
ASTM Load Capacity
400 lbs.
Set of Sticks
5 Sticks/10 Straps
3 per Stick
Tether System
Stick Weight
6 lbs. each

Simple Installation

Our exclusive tether system aids in installation by allowing for one trip up the tree. Once the first Stick is installed, you use the tether system to pull the next Stick up and repeat until all Sticks are installed.

Watch Installation

Put to the test

Our meticulous process is thorough and personal; we have intentionality in everything we do. We cut no corners in making the ultimate hunting tool. It’s designed to make you more comfortable and more successful while doing what you love, safely.

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