hang around lock on tree stand
lock on deer stand
hang around lock on tree stand
hang around lock on deer stand - overhead
hang around lock on stand

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Heaven's Trail®

Hang Around®

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Introducing the "Cable Free" platform design that clears the way of obstacles when entering/exiting the stand. The Trail Dirt® coating provides years of protection from the elements. This is the ultimate lock-on stand.

Features of the Hang Around®

Quality. Comfort. Performance.

The Hang Around® is the ultimate lock-on tree stand. The "cable free" platform design clears the way of obstacles when entering/exiting the stand. Add a lifeline and have the safest experience ever achieved using a lock-on

  • 1,000 lbs.
    Strong, aluminum construction with ASTM platform rating of 1,000 lbs.
  • Fold-up Seat Bottom. ASTM rating of 400 lbs.

Stay the extra hour

The footrest of the Hang Around® provides added comfort, so you can be out there longer.

  • Trail Dirt® Coating
  • Aluminum Construction

Spacious & Strong

The Hang Around® provides a hunter a huge platform for safely executing the shot.

42.75"L X 29.75"W
3,000 lbs. Strength
Platform ASTM Rating
1,000 lbs.
Platform Area
8.83 FT2
Stand Weight
83 lbs.

Simple & Safe Installation

Coupled with the use of the Hang Around® Winch, installation is not only simple but also much safer than traditional hanging methods.

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Put to the test

Our meticulous process is thorough and personal; we have intentionality in everything we do. We cut no corners in making the ultimate hunting tool. It’s designed to make you more comfortable and more successful while doing what you love, safely.

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