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hang around
huntersitting in the hang around, using his binoculars
close up of hunter's feet resting comfortably on the hang around's platform
hunter standing on the platform of the hang around
shot from below of the hang around attached to a tree
man sitting in the hang around
Heaven's Trail®

Hang Around®

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This tree stand changes everything. The Hang Around® is a new innovation in the tree stand marketplace that combines high-quality, long-lasting materials with a focus on comfort and safety.

  • Cable free design for safer entering and exiting
  • Fold Up seats for extra gear storage
  • Aluminum footrest for added comfort
  • Largest platform in the industry.
  • Ultra-comfortable seat with a focus on reducing back pain.
  • Huge 25 inch wide seat
  • Quality tough materials that keep your tree stand in the field longer.
  • A silent tree stand that won’t creak when you line up that shot.
  • Comes with all the parts you need to install.
  • 1x Tree stand
  • 1x Removable Seat Cover
  • 3x tree straps

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U.S. Patent No. 10,798,937

A Tree Stand Without Compromise

Hunting your own property is a dream for most people. Whether the land has been in your family for generations, or you're just now purchasing your own place, the memories start somewhere. For those with long term ambitions, buying quality gear that will last is important. For those who don't have the time for gear to fail, buying gear made of quality components matters. That's why we built Heaven's Trail, and we make tree stands without compromise.

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The Strongest Tree Stand Platform

And the largest too.

Our platform is the largest in the industry, and the only platform that uses Fibergrate. This means you have plenty of room to store your gear, line up your shot, or stretch your legs.

The Largest Tree Stand Seats

We Measured.

The uncomfortable days of sitting in a tiny, crooked, hard, and often wet tree stand are over. Our seats provide elbow room when you're wearing early season and late season clothes! And the seats are adjustable. The entire seat is height adjustable and your knee height can be adjusted to suit your body type.

Built with Installation in Mind

Unique features that help during installation.

It doesn't matter how great your tree stand is if you can’t get it in the tree safely and easily. With that in mind, we included several industry-first features like the Articulating Bracket that allows you to adjust the entire stand for pitch and roll. We even included the Cross-Check Bubble as a tool to level your stand.

Extremely Quiet In The Field

Extremely Quiet In The Field

Your time is valuable. Enjoy it in peace.

Our tree stands are built to be solid. That’s real hardware holding it together, not clips, not hook & loop, not molded plastic fittings. We designed a tree stand with silent components that allow you to sit back, relax and enjoy being there, in silence.

Lasts For Multiple Seasons

Components matter.

Heaven's Trail stands are made with thick-walled aluminum, and include Grade 5 hardware with a DuraCon coating. Another industry-first. That means incredible strength and corrosion resistance to keep your stand holding strong and looking new for years to come.

rotating view of Hang Around®

What's Included

1x Tree stand

1x Tree stand

1x Removable Seat Cover

1x Removable Seat Cover

3x tree straps

3x tree straps

Why We're Better

We don’t think you should spend uncomfortable hours cramped on a twelve-inch stool 20 feet in the air. We certainly don’t think you should have to replace your tree stand every 2 years because it’s made from cheap parts. That’s why we developed a new way of thinking about tree stands. A tree stand that focuses on keeping you comfortable and safe while hunting.

Heaven's Trail Others
Cable free platform for safe entry & exits Heaven's Trail Others
Fold up seats for extra room & gear storage Heaven's Trail Others
Aluminum footrest for added comfort Heaven's Trail Others
Dura-Con Coating, keeps your stand rust-free every season Heaven's Trail Others
Articulating Bracket for precise leveling Heaven's Trail Others
Fold-up Seat ASTM Rating: 400 lbs Heaven's Trail Others
Platform ASTM Rating: 1,000 lbs Heaven's Trail Others

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Hang Around® + OTP Tools Combo

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Installing and uninstalling a tree stand can be dangerous and difficult. We knew there had to be a better way. So we developed the One Trip Process. A safer and more efficient way to hang a tree stand. That invloves one trip up and one trip down the tree during installation.

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