• Overall quality is outstanding!! Nothing was “cheapened”. Heavens Trail is obviously a company that focuses on quality, not quantity. There are already too many tree stand companies out there competing to sell lock on stands for under $50.00. My initial observations are that this stand has been very well thought out and must have taken years/many iterations to develop.

  • I’ve been hanging tree stands all my life using a standard safety harness. It’s cumbersome, time consuming and even dangerous given the number of times you have to detach and reattach to the tree. After getting my hands on the new Heaven’s Trail BELT, I was amazed at how safe and efficient hanging stands can be. After just one use, the Heaven’s Trail BELT became as important to me as my rifle or bow. Every deer hunter needs one of these in their arsenal!

  • I opened the box and was blown away at the quality of this unit. I know that at Heaven's Trail hunter safety is paramount, and all your products prove it. This is no exception, 30+ kN rated carabiners and OSHA approved rope with a prusik. This is 100% life-saving equipment that will make my job easier. You guys really knocked if out of the park again. The ensemble is easy to use! And, if I have a missed step while hanging a set, I KNOW the BELT will hold me.

  • My son really got interested in deer hunting in the last year or so, but it has been years since I’ve done much of it myself. The equipment has drastically changed for the better since I hunted but obviously one of my top concerns is his safety. I remember one guy at my church falling out of a stand and landing on a stick that went into his mouth and out of his nasal passage. Definitely not something I want happening to my 15 year old. After some due diligence, I came across the Hang Around tree stand by Heaven's Trail. I really like how stable it is once you get it locked down. We purchased it and some of the HT climbing sticks and were off to the races. We had to buy climbing gear and a safety harness separately, which was kind of a drag, but the stand has been awesome. My son shot a deer opening day and is now hooked on bow hunting for life.

    Thanks HT.

  • I’ve hunted for over 30 years and sat in hundreds of deer stands. Heaven's Trail stands are the most comfortable deer stands I’ve ever been in. If you want to kill mature bucks these are the stands you want to have on your property. 

    My motto is “Your brain can’t absorb any more than your butt can."

  • I have been using the Hang Around stands over the past 2 seasons and am extremely impressed with these stands! I spend countless hours of time in a tree every fall, so I demand a lot from my equipment, especially my tree stands.

    You can tell that the engineering, thought and materials that went into these stands is second to none.  The oversized seat and platform make for a very comfortable sit and enable me to spend more time afield.  It's like sitting 20 feet up a tree in your favorite chair!

    People always ask me about the stands and the best way I can describe them is by telling people to imagine how a hunter would build a stand with unlimited resources. There really isn't even anything out there that can compare!

  • My first thought after installing and climbing up to my new HT Stand was “wow,” this is more comfortable than my office chair, which was a welcome change from my other tree stands.

    The second thing I noticed was how secure I felt 20’ up the tree with no wobbling of any sort.
    Needless to say, I was excited to spend some serious hunting time in my new stand.

    Although the first hunt in my new stand didn’t result in a harvested deer, I was able to really study the design and quality of the HT stand, which is a remarkable engineering feat in itself. The only way this stand is coming down is if the tree falls. The hammock design of the seat makes long sits very easy, which is a plus for me, as I tend to get fidgety in an uncomfortable seat.

    The one thing that will make this the best stand I have ever hunted from will be when I harvest that buck.

  • Heaven's Trail tree stands are quality engineered and built to last making them not just a comfortable environment in which to hunt any game, but as important an investment in your hunting equipment as the weapon you use for hunting. They are ideal for introducing a child, spouse or loved one to the time honored tradition of hunting and keeping it alive and well.

  • Last season I hunted exclusively from Hang Around tree stands.  Will get more for this season.  They're huge, comfortable and I just love them.  They're by far the safest tree stand I've ever used.  Just can't imagine sitting in anything less now.  They're expensive but you really can't compare them to traditional tree stands.  It's an entirely new experience.  Glad I found them.

  • Over the course of my production career, I have spent hundreds of hours perched above hunters in various tree stands. Just like a Contractor needs the right tools to build a house, camera operators need the right tools to be successful. Heaven's Trail tree stands provide an incredible platform for both video and photography professionals. They ensure you can stay comfortable and alert regardless of the time spent in the stand. The Hang Around in particular has changed my ability to maneuver quietly and efficiently to capture the right shots for the project and never miss the moment of truth.

  • "The best ladder sticks on the market....the Hang Around ladder sticks from Heaven's Trail are the most versatile and user friendly sticks I’ve used in over 30 years hunting and guiding. The quality is second to none. The design is well thought out. They’re easy to transport (I hauled this set up in almost two miles). Installation is simple. They lock on the tree with two ratchet straps and once snugged down they stay put. The hooks have clips to keep them from falling off as you pull the sticks up...a priceless little detail that saves trips up and down the tree to retrieve straps. The large steps make climbing quick, safe, and comfortable. This set is going to see many seasons of use up here in AK!

  • I'm happy to report that we successfully installed the ladder stand over the Thanksgiving break!  The stand is fantastic – incredibly well engineered, super comfortable, quiet and stable.  Can't wait to hunt out of it!  We are calling it “The Governor's Stand” because a stand that significant should have a prominent name!  We also think your climbing sticks are the best we've seen.  Keep up the great work!

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