Our Story

Our Story

A Heightened Outdoor Experience 

There is an idea that hunting should have some level of discomfort built in … you know, roughin’ it. However, Heaven’s Trail® stands offer a substantially different experience. We have combined lightweight materials with advanced engineering to offer strength, but also silence. New safety standards offer peace of mind — for focus. The platform and the seat are spacious — for comfort, regardless of the hunter’s size and shape. Surrounded by nature, Heaven’s Trail® truly creates a heightened outdoor experience.


How It All Started


Founded in 2014 by Chris Berry and his family, Heaven’s Trail® hired experts in the consumer design and development field, as well as the best craftsmen in the United States, to create a new concept for the tree stand experience.

“I love the connection with the outdoors when I hunt from an elevated position, but I knew tree stands could be tremendously improved relative to safety and comfort. Especially when I started taking my kids with me in the woods. So, I started with the tree stand narrative, then focused on engineering safety and simplifying the assembly & installation process.

After four years of continued product testing and design improvements, what we have developed is an integrated tree stand system created to put you, your family or clients in a safe position to comfortably enjoy an experience in the outdoors.

Our mission is to inspire and empower people to pursue their passions by delivering products designed to heighten outdoor experiences.”

Chris Berry – Chief Hunting Officer


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