Hang around double
shot from below of the hang around double attached to a tree
closeup of two hunters feet on the platform of the hang around double as they sit comfortably
Man standing on the climbing sticks as he installs the hang around double
two hunters sitting comfortably in the hang around double
two hunters, one of whom is aiming his rifle, sitting in the hang around double
Heaven's Trail®

Hang Around® Double

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The Hang Around® Double is the perfect way for hunters to experience the thrill of hunting with friends or family members. Featuring a one-of-a-kind step system and handrail to help you enter and exit the tree stand. You can feel safe and comfortable while hunting from the trees.

  • 2 huge seats with plenty of room to stretch out
  • Industry first forward step for easy entering and exiting of the stand
  • Largest platform in the industry
  • Fold up seats for extra gear storage
  • Stay in the field longer with an ultra-comfortable seat focused on reducing back pain
  • Quality, tough materials that won’t rust
  • A silent tree stand that won’t creak when you line up that shot
  • 1x Tree stand
  • 2x Removable Seat Covers
  • 3x tree straps
  • 1x Ladder Unit

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U.S. Patent No. 10,798,937


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Brian M.
United States United States

Successfully installed!

I'm happy to report that we successfully installed the ladder stand over the Thanksgiving break! The stand is fantastic – incredibly well engineered, super comfortable, quiet and stable. Can't wait to hunt out of it! We are calling it “The Governor's Stand” because a stand that significant should have a prominent name! We also think your climbing sticks are the best we've seen. Keep up the great work!

Jason S.
United States United States

Gopher Ridge Outdoor Ministries - Legacy Stand

Stand is surprisingly lite considering the size and comfort level. Platform is solid and stable. Grandkids will be hunting out of this thing.

Share the thrill of the hunt

Hunting your property with family and friends is a great way to introduce beginners to the hunt or to share the excitement with your favorite hunting partner. With a double ladder tree stand from Heaven’s Trail both hunters will have ample room to store gear and sit comfortably in silence. The Hang Around Double is the ultimate 2 person tree stand no matter which tree you put it in.

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Extra room and then some

You won’t believe how much space there is.

Our Hang Around Double has the room for you and your hunting partner to spread out. You won’t be sitting shoulder to shoulder in this massive stand. Our platform is the largest in the industry, and the only platform that uses Fibergrate.

Climb right in

Step right in with our industry first forward step.

Entering and exiting a ladder stand has never been easier with our forward step. Stop belly crawling under a shooting rail to get into your stand. Step right off our ladder onto the forward step and into our huge tree stand platform.

Still easy to install

We already thought of that.

Normally installing a two man ladder stand would be a huge undertaking. At Heaven’s Trail we wanted the installation process to be easy even when installing our massive Hang Around Double. All you need is our One Trip Process Tools, and a cordless drill. You’ll have your stand in the tree in no time.

Hang on

Our handrails make it even easier.

The next evolution of ladder tree stands includes a handrail wrapped around the stand to keep you safe and gives you something to hold onto while entering and exiting.

New Technology

Packed with industry-first features.

We included several features like the Articulating Bracket that allows you to adjust the entire stand for pitch and roll. Then included a cross-check bubble level tool. Now you’ll know your stand will be perfectly positioned every time.

Lasts For Multiple Seasons

Components matter.

Heaven's Trail tree stands are made with thick-walled aluminum, and include Grade 5 hardware. Another industry-first, our hardware has a Dura-Con coating. That means incredible strength with corrosion resistance which means your stand will hold strong and look new for years to come.

rotating view of Hang Around® Double

What's Included

1x Tree stand

1x Tree stand

2x Removable Seat Covers

2x Removable Seat Covers

3x tree straps

3x tree straps

1x Ladder Unit

1x Ladder Unit

Why We're Better

We don’t think you should spend uncomfortable hours cramped on a twelve-inch stool 20 feet in the air. We certainly don’t think you should have to replace your tree stand every 2 years because it’s made from cheap parts. That’s why we developed a new way of thinking about tree stands. A tree stand that focuses on keeping you comfortable and safe while hunting.

Heaven's Trail Others
Fibergrate forward footstep for easy entry & exits Heaven's Trail Others
Fold up seats for extra room & gear storage Heaven's Trail Others
Dura-Con Coating, keeps your tree stand rust-free every season Heaven's Trail Others
Extended handrails designed for attachments & peace of mind Heaven's Trail Others
Articulating Bracket for precise leveling Heaven's Trail Others
Fold-up seat ASTM rating: 400 lbs Heaven's Trail Others
Platform ASTM rating: 1,200 lbs Heaven's Trail Others

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Hang Around® Double + OTP Tools Combo

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Discover The One Trip process

Installing and uninstalling a tree stand can be dangerous and difficult. We knew there had to be a better way. So we developed the One Trip Process. A safer and more efficient way to hang a tree stand. That invloves one trip up and one trip down the tree during installation.

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