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NEW video series shows Heaven’s Trail advantages in action. Check out the backstory and the YouTube link to watch.

Some companies spend massive amounts on marketing, claiming their tree stands are safer, quieter, or more comfortable than the competition. At Heaven’s Trail, company leaders instead decided to invest in the engineering, raw materials, and groundbreaking innovations truly deserving of “ultimate” status, says TBA Outdoors President Todd Fuller.

“This video series breaks it all down and backs it up,” Fuller says. “We wanted to give the world an authentic view of the people behind the Heaven’s Trail brand, the genesis of the products, and how the company will continue to push the technology of products for elevated hunting.”

Heaven’s Trail founder Chris Berry likes to say that the team behind his company has reimagined and reinvented what it means to hunt from a tree stand. Sitting down with Fuller and a TBA Outdoors film crew in his living room, Berry let the cameras roll on some candid conversations about how his company shattered the mold.

“We know the average hunter might not be able to afford several Heaven’s Trail tree stands for their property,” says Fuller. “But if you’re someone who places a premium on safety and comfort, you’re going to watch these videos and go away wanting at least one for the tree you spend the most time in.”

The YouTube series covers everything from Heaven’s Trail’s next-level ease of assembly and safe installation to why Berry chose the same bolts Ford uses in its F-150 pickups to hold every Heaven’s Trail tree stand together. Other videos cover:

*Higher Standards — the testing behind Heaven’s Trail’s incredible ASTM seat rating of 400 pounds.

*Dura-Con — corrosion resistance for a lifetime outside with no rust

*Articulating Bracket — the engineering that delivers solid, level installation every time

And there’s more. Click here to see the entire Tree Stand Talk playlist on the Heaven's Trail YouTube channel. While you’re there, be sure to click the “like” button, subscribe, and leave a comment about other videos you’d like to see in future installments.