The Hang Around® Winch – Simplify Your Installation

From the beginning, Heaven’s Trail® had one thing in mind: developing a safer and smarter way to hunt from an elevated position. We started with a blank slate, and our team of engineers focused on developing the most innovative elevated hunting system on the market. As we started to analyze the industry’s standard installation process, we quickly realized that it was cumbersome, inefficient and at times unsafe. One of the engineers on our team suggested, instead of making multiple trips up and down the tree and carrying the tree stand up the tree, wouldn’t it be nice to go up the tree one time and bring the stand to you? The light bulb went on, and the Hang Around® Winch concept was born.

The Hang Around® Winch is at the heart of the Heaven’s Trail® tree stand system and is truly a safer and smarter way to install and uninstall tree stands. The way we’ve been conditioned to do it for years can be difficult and frustrating. If you’ve installed many tree stands, you know there have been close calls and it’s really hard work.

Here is how the Hang Around® Winch works when using the Heaven’s Trail® installing system. First, you need to make sure you are wearing a safety/hanger harness when installing a tree stand. Connect the lifting harness to the tree stand and the Hang Around® Winch.

Once you have installed your climbing sticks, it is time to secure the Hang Around® Winch with the included tree strap at about chest height and 60-90 degrees to your left around the tree. Then, using a cordless drill with the included Heaven’s Trail® socket, you lift the stand up to your work position.

The Hang Around® Winch has a 30:1 worm gear drive that provides the mechanical advantage — it does the lifting for you! Unlike the winch you would find on your boat trailer, the Hang Around® Winch’s worm gear allows you to stop the movement at any time, and it holds its position. Once the stand is at the desired height and position, it is ready to secure to the tree.

After the tree stand is leveled and secure, remove the Winch, and for our Hang Around® stand, now your installation is complete. For the ladder stands, remove the climbing sticks with the tether system on your way back down the tree.

The goal is one person, one trip up, one trip down, safely. We do encourage you to have a second person on the ground floor to position the ladder correctly.

Want an easier way to install your tree stand seamlessly in minutes? The One Trip Process is one trip up and down the tree. It’s that easy! Upgrade your installation experience. Watch our video and see for yourself below.


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