Heaven's Trail Tree Stand

Got your eye on a Heaven’s Trail tree stand but no cash on hand? Read on. Affirm delivers a fast, easy alternative to racking up your credit card.

Want an easier way to install your tree stand seamlessly in minutes? The One Trip Process is one trip up and down the tree. It’s that easy! Upgrade your installation experience. Watch our video and see for yourself below.

Having extra cash on hand shouldn’t be a barrier to anyone seeking the safest, most comfortable tree stand hunting experience of your life. That’s why Heaven’s Trail — the industry’s best for safety, comfort, stability, and easy installation — now offers a convenient way to get your tree stand now without needing a small loan or credit card.

Heaven's Trail Tree Stand Seat


Customers can simply choose the payment option that best fits their budget at checkout. Interest rates on Affirm loans range from 10 percent to 30 percent, and repayment periods can be three months, six months, or 12 months. Plus, there’s no prepayment penalty if you pay off your tree stand before the due date.

With Affirm, you can pay as low as $135 per month and get immediate delivery on a Heaven’s Trail® Hang Around® (list price $1,449).

A Heaven’s Trail® Hang Around® Double (list price $3,229) is as low as $121 per month after you prequalify.

Heaven's Trail Shipping


Customers have been very happy with how Affirm works, says Berry. Interest rates for purchases are individually accessed after the company does a soft check on your credit (which doesn’t affect your credit score).

Once you’ve been approved at checkout, Affirm offers you three options for monthly payments that include everything you will owe, interest included. From there, your purchase goes forward as usual with Heaven's Trail sending your tree stand direct to your door. Affirm will then send you regular reminders of your monthly payments, which start one calendar month from the day your loan is processed.

For a complete rundown on how Affirm works, go to https://www.affirm.com/help.

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