Pre-Season Planning

Having a safe and successful hunting season is like making your favorite venison stew — in order for that stew to taste as good as Grandma’s, you need to be sure you follow her famous recipe.

Here are a few things from our pre-season recipe that will help make your hunting season a success!

Review your hunting journal and notes from the previous season. Don’t have any? You should! Here is an example: HT Notes


Research & study the property you plan to hunt on Google Maps. (

Review current tree stand locations and new options based on your experience from past seasons.

Research historical wind and temperature data to create a plan for optimal weather conditions for each stand location.

Scout your hunting property based on your new stand locations and set up trail cams.

Inspect tree stands, ratchet straps, sticks, lifeline and safety harness — and replace if needed. (Shop HT)

Prepare food plots, feeders and stand locations, and install tree stands several weeks before the season starts.

Purchase your hunting license and review all hunting regulations and dates, as rules can change from season to season.

Make sure all your gear is in good shape and as scent-free as possible.

Sight in your firearms and bows — and practice … practice … practice.

Get your time off scheduled with work and your hunting weekends planned.

Be sure to Send invites to your friends and family for that special hunt.

Always introduce a child and someone new to hunting each season!

Ever wonder why some people have all the luck during deer season?

There is a good chance that they are following a plan throughout the year that includes some of these tasks. It’s not always about harvesting that BIG BUCK each year, but more about the journey and the time we spend in the outdoors.

Get prepared, have a great season, and FIND YOUR TRAIL®.

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