Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Our ‘One Trip Process'

Installing and uninstalling a tree stand can be dangerous and difficult. We knew there had to be a better way. So we developed the One Trip Process. A safer and more efficient way to hang a tree stand. The old way of bear hugging a tree or climbing without a safety harness are over.

1. How does the OTP work?

Step 1: Put on your Belt.

Step 2: Attach your Winch and a cordless drill.

Step 3: Install the Sticks to ascend the tree.

Step 4: Use the Winch to raise the tree stand into position.

Step 5: Use the Belt to keep you in a secure work position against the tree.

2. Will the OTP work when used with other tree stands?

Yes & No. Our brand was founded on this installation procedure. Once our process was designed, we incorporated the Winch into our line of tree stands. No other tree stand manufacturer can do this because we own the patent. But you can certainly use our Belt and Sticks for tree stand work with other brands.

3. Why was the One Trip Process Created?

Because most hunters have been conditioned to install tree stands dangerously! Seriously. Assembling these steel contraptions is frustrating enough. The old installation process was always providing too many “hold my beer” moments that put us in compromised positions.

4. Can I use the Heaven's Trail Winch with my other tree stands?

We don’t recommend it. Similar to the answer for question number 3 all our tools have their own patent. Which is why it is best to use them only for installing Heaven’s Trail tree stands.

5. What’s wrong with just climbing the tree to install my stand?

It’s easier to use the OTP. You can work hands free and it is a much simpler installation process. Installing a tree stand is hard enough, add in low quality components and you’re going to be spending an uncomfortable day out in the field. We were tired of it. We wanted to work with materials that make the process of installing a tree stand something you might actually look forward to. When using our sticks to install your tree stand with our One Trip Process you get a beefy step you can actually rest on. No more short steps digging into your foot while you’re hanging off a tree.

The New Way
Aluminum extruded steps, with a beefy riser to rest your feet on while installing.

The Old Way
Small steps that are uncomfortable to stand on and frustrating to hold.

one trip process

6. What does working hands-free mean?

Meaning with the belt around your waist, and the lanyard around the tree, you can lean back to work freely with your hands in front of you. The Belt supports you and keeps you an appropriate distance from the tree while you work. Our adjustable tree stands and OTP allow you to multitask more effectively. Keep in mind the importance of safety. The Belt provides safety, convenience, and comfort.

The New Way
Take everything up the tree, one-time, as you climb safely and securely.

The Old Way
After climbing a tree 3 or 4 times to install your tree stand, getting a buddy to toss tools up to you, meeting a buddy half way to get more sticks, and pray your arms don’t give out.

hands free

7. Is the one trip process really easier?

Yes, it is significantly easier because it’s only one trip up the tree. For those of us who are passionate about hunting whitetails and investing time outdoors, it’s all about the process. Hanging a traditional tree stand is hard and taxing on the body. It starts with the concept of one trip up and one trip down the tree. Using the Heaven’s Trail Hang Around® Winch & tree straps, safely raise your tree stand to your desired height without straining your body or putting yourself in extreme danger.

The New Way
Climb your tree once, let your gear do the work for you, install your stand & descend the tree.

The Old Way
Get exhausted climbing up and down a tree, fumbling with equipment, finding yourself in awkward positions trying to hold on.

one trip process tools

8. Will the winch work with any cordless drill?

The winch is used to lift the tree stand up to you meaning you don’t need to carry the tree stand up the tree with you. Yes, it works with any 20 volt cordless drill and our custom socket.

9. What is the importance of the Belt with the one trip process?

Super important! The One Trip Process was designed to make hanging tree stands as easy as possible. The belt plays a critical role in this process by allowing you to carry all your tools up the tree with you while you work.

With the belt you can give your arms break and protect your back from too much strain while installing a tree stand. We worked with Buckingham Manufacturing who has been making climbing belts for the arborist community for decades. We brought their experience and knowledge to the product development to give you the best tree stand specific belt in the industry.

The New Way
A simple 3-part system designed to keep you secure.

The Old Way
Bear hugging a tree, daisy-chaining gear to yourself, and multiple trips up the tree to install your tree stand.

one trip process
10. What are the hunter’s unique needs that the OTP fulfills, And what tools are needed for the One Trip Process?

Hunters need their tree stands to be installed in elevated positions, and they'll figure out their own style for getting stands up there. The OTP is really about putting you in a successful position to install your tree stands. The OTP Tools are the Winch, Belt and Sticks.

The Winch is the foundation of the One Trip Process. It helps by lifting the tree stand into position for you. Meaning you don’t have to carry it on your back while climbing the tree, or even lift it up yourself with a rope. Want to know more about which cordless drill to use? Watch this drill video.

You can also read about our winch here: 3 Ways A Winch Can Provide Relief When Installing A Tree Stand.

The Belt helps by keeping you secure and in safe proximity to the tree. The 2N1 lanyard helps by allowing you to ascend the tree without having to cut limbs. You're always connected. The Belt also secures other tools you need on your waist, removing the opportunity for tools to fall out of a pocket as you ascend. (The Belt is essential when considering your need to be in close proximity to the tree while maintaining the use of both hands.) A tool that keeps you connected to the tree at all times during installation. A cornerstone of the One Trip Process. Want to learn more about our Belt? Here’s how to use a climbing belt to install a tree stand safely.

The Climbing Sticks help by providing an enormous platform for your feet and grab handles for your hands. This means you won’t be dancing from peg to peg to relieve pressure on your feet because the pegs are pinching through your boots. (With two ratchet straps per stick, they will not rotate out from under your feet. Since we don’t use cam buckles, they won’t slip over time or under increased weight.)

Stronger. Safer. Better.
We are transforming the way people think about hunting from a tree stand. Upgrade yours today!

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