More space in the stand means better hunting and here's why

In most places across the country we’re halfway through the hunting season. You’ve probably spent hours sitting in a tree stand waiting for the perfect shot.

Has it been a comfortable experience or do you dread the thought of spending another long cold day wedged between two seat straps, or shifting your weight from one side to the other to try and get comfortable. The Thanksgiving holiday is a great time to check in on your experience sitting in your old stand and to start wondering if there is a better way.

Bigger is better when is comes to Tree Stands

When we start talking about more space in our tree stands, the first place to look is our fibergrate platform. Our platforms are the largest in the industry and it’s not even close.

Our smallest 1-person platform is 42.75"L X 29.75"W. That is nearly the size of the leading manufacturers' double platforms. Let that sink in for a minute. What can you do with all that extra space? Great question.

A large platform allows you to stand at a natural hunting position while taking your bow shot.

One of the best benefits of our large fibergrate platforms is the extra space you get to take your shot. A large platform allows you to stand at a natural hunting position while taking your shot. This means you can be more accurate and hit your target more frequently. Because we use a lightweight super strong material like fibergrate our platforms can be insanely large. Our double tree stands are almost the same size as a twin mattress.

More space on the platform also means more room for your gear. How many times have you knocked your pack or gear off your stand while trying to get more comfortable. I can’t tell you how many tik toks I’ve seen this year of hunters doing just that. Right as a deer began to walk under their stand.

Our platforms have more gear storage space than any other stand on the market. Your pack, lunch, cooler whatever can easily fit under our folding seat.

Comfort in the stands makes longer days more bearable

At the beginning of the season we’re all amped to get out there day after day. As the season drags on that initial shine begins to rub off the long days in an uncomfortable tree stand begin to take their toll. You can’t hit shots you don’t take and you can’t take shots from your living room couch because you’re too worried about being uncomfortable during another day of hunting.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It is possible to sit comfortably in a tree stand

As winter quickly approaches, the layers of clothes start to go up. On a traditional tree stand this puts even more stress on your small seat. There just isn’t enough room for both you and your extra layers on a seat that was too small for you to begin with.

Our seats are made of durable webbing material that is very comfortable to sit in. We also engineered our seats to be 25 inches wide so that you have ample room for those extra layers. We also added an amazing foot rest to the Hang Around. It is a comfortable place to be.

Who doesn’t want warmer feet while hunting? Our platforms are not made of metal. That means they don’t conduct heat from your feet like metal does.

As we head into the halfway point of the season I think you need to ask yourself: What can you do to finish your season strong?

A new tree stand can certainly help you stay more comfortable and hit the shot you’ve been training for. Be good to yourself. Why not get yourself a Christmas gift for Thanksgiving? Hey, it's 2020! We've all seen worse ideas at this point!

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