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Experience a new way with our 3 different tree stands

At Heaven’s Trail, we focus on your tree stand experience. Our new technologies, advanced materials, and innovative designs make tree stands stronger, safer, quieter, and more comfortable than ever before. Not long ago, hunting from a tree stand wasn’t popular. Well, times have certainly changed for the better at Heaven’s Trail.

It wasn’t until the late 1970s when the first practical tree stands appeared on the market, that their popularity started to take off. These primarily were clunky, flimsy, loud, and unstable contraptions, but they worked, and their basic design can still be seen today. With that background, it helped us create a tree stand experience for more comfort and advantages during the hunting season.

Hunting from an elevated position has always provided an advantage, but many tree stands are not made from quality materials and ultimately put yourself in more danger than you may realize.

That’s where a Heaven’s Trail Hang Around Tree Stand comes into play. Arguably one of the greatest innovations in rifle and bowhunting. How they work is both ingenious and simple.

hangaround tree stand

  • Views for Precision – Being in a tree stand gives you a higher vantage point, which means you can see more of the ground floor around you. Our platform dimensions give you the room to scan all of your surroundings from a sitting or standing position. Quietly.
  • Placement Against the Tree – Using our Winch to install your tree stand, is a huge help. Not only does it do the heavy lifting for you, but it also orients the stand in place vertically while you install it exactly where you want. This is an incredible advantage with the ladder hinge of our Solo & Double.
  • Safe, Strong & Spacious – Our 3-point attachment system and 3 strategically located ratchet straps, keep your stand tight and secure against the tree. The benefit is the ability to get away with more movement, silently, while sitting or standing, without worrying about the stability of the platform. Peace of mind is key which helps you stay longer.
  • Scent Control – Scent is critical when hunting, especially deer. Our tree stands are super easy to access which keeps you from sweating. Staying mindful of wind direction and patterns is still important when using a tree stand. Having a tree stand that isn’t strenuous to use is a tremendous benefit in reducing your own scent.
  • It’s Safer – Deer hunting is our passion. We mitigate the associated dangers by using new materials and techniques. The majority of tree stand injuries and deaths involve falls. We believe these accidents are avoidable if you’re using appropriate safety equipment correctly and tested processes. Taking risk mitigation even further, we built our tree stands to be easier to install, more comfortable to use, and to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. That means our tree stands are easier to access, more secure against the tree and will last longer. With the added features on our Solo and Double, now you can feel secure with a solid ladder for entering and exiting. The handrails and forward step make for stress free ingress and egress.
  • Comfort - Comfort is more than padding on a small, hard seat! With Heaven’s Trail stands, take comfort knowing you have enough room to stretch out, undetected, in silence, from a level platform. Our patented articulating bracket adjusts the entire stand to be perfectly level. The 25 inch wide, and adjustable, seat gives you the perch to enjoy the view and inspires confidence to be there longer.
  • Long Lasting Materials - Standing the test of time comes at a cost. Most of us prefer to purchase items that last, that are not disposable. Our parts and materials were carefully selected to last years and years. Once you purchase a Heaven’s Trail stand, you’ll automatically get an email from us every 2 years as a reminder to replace the straps. The aluminum parts, hardware coatings, and fibergrate components all establish new corrosion resistance expectations in the tree stand marketplace. Plus, we’re so confident in our product that all stands come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Simple Installation - Installing a tree stand is frustrating. We knew there had to be a better way. So we developed the One Trip Process. A plan to be more efficient while hanging a tree stand seamlessly in minutes. It starts with the concept of one trip up and one trip down the tree. Using the Heaven's Trail tools (belt, winch, and sticks) you're now able to safely raise your tree stand to your desired height without straining your body or putting yourself in extreme danger.

What Size Platform and Tree Stand Type is Best for You?

sky view of hunter

1. The Hang Around®

The Hang Around® is the ultimate lock-on style tree stand. If you prefer to go vertically up the tree using climbing sticks, and looking for more room while up there, the Hang Around is for you. It’s a new innovation in the tree stand marketplace that combines high-quality, long-lasting materials with a focus on comfort and safety. The industry first "cable free" platform design clears the way of obstacles when entering/exiting the stand.

Add a hunting harness and tree stand safety rope to enjoy the safest experience using a hang-on style tree stand. The footrest of the Hang Around® provides added comfort. The Hang Around® provides hunters a huge seat and platform for layering up and room to maneuver. Coupled with the use of the Hang Around® Winch, installation is not only simple but also much safer than traditional hanging methods.

  • Fold-up Seat Bottom
  • Strong, aluminum construction
  • Lock-on Style Platform
  • ASTM Platform Rating: 1,000 lbs
  • Platform: 42.75 inches Long by 29.75 inches Wide

hangaround solo

2. Hang Around® Solo

If you’re seeking a ladder style tree stand that will last multiple seasons look no further than our Hang Around® Solo tree stand. The Solo is an evolution of the Hang Around tree stand. It comes with our adjustable Ladder Unit and Forward Step, both industry firsts. Along with the additional handrails, the Solo keeps you in an upright position all the way to the seat. And the handrails are low enough that you can still bow hunt.

Everyone wants more room right? This tree stand comes with a handrail system wrapping the rear and sides, giving you peace of mind. Plus, the Forward Step allows you an extra platform to reduce stress as you transition from the ladder to the platform. Whether you hunt with a bow or gun you will always have plenty of room. Not to mention with the Hang Around® Winch, installation is not only simple but also much safer than traditional hanging methods.

  • Up to 19' to the seat, providing an excellent vantage point.
  • Adjustable seat with a removable seat cover.
  • Strong, thick wall, aluminum construction
  • Ladder Style Platform
  • ASTM Platform Rating: 1,200 lbs
  • Platform: 42.75 inches Long by 29.75 inches Wide

hangaround double

3. Hang Around® Double

Need an even roomier ladder style stand that can hold you and someone else? The Hang Around® Double is an evolution of the Solo, and is the tree stand for you. Similar to the Solo, the Double adds an independent 25 inch wide seat to the platform. It is by far the roomiest two-person ladder style stand in the marketplace.

The Hang Around® Double is the perfect way for hunters to experience the thrill of hunting with friends or family members while still enjoying the benefits of feeling the wind on your face and actually hearing critters as they pass by. Two people will have plenty of room for bow or gun hunting. Now you can be comfortable while hunting from the trees, without being squeezed against the person next to you.

  • Handrail system wrapping rear and sides, giving you peace of mind.
  • Up to 19' to the seat, providing an excellent vantage point.
  • Independently adjustable seats with removable seat covers.
  • Strong, thick wall, aluminum construction
  • Ladder Style Platform
  • ASTM platform rating of 1,200 lbs
  • Platform: 59.5 inches Long by 42.75 inches Wide

    Our Hang Around tree stand options are the most comfortable in the industry. The larger platforms will give you more room to move around with the ability to hold you and all your gear. Handrails, foot rests, quiet platforms, and quality seating will be greatly appreciated when you need to stretch out a little.

    Our meticulous process is thorough and personal; we have intentionality in everything we do. We cut no corners in making the ultimate hunting tool. It’s designed to make you more comfortable and more successful while doing what you love, safely.

    Quality. Comfort. Performance.

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