American materials, modern design, no-excuses testing — these are just the start of what you get when you go with Heaven’s Trail. Read on …

A lot of people think we’re crazy. The change-makers always get called names. Anytime you do something different than everybody else, somebody is bound to say, “You can’t do that.” But at Heaven’s Trail, that just lets us know we’re on the right track.

We believe quality is worth paying a price for. Heaven’s Trail tree stands cost more — not so we can offset the cost of a high-dollar advertising budget, but because the tree stands we engineer are meticulously hand-built to a higher standard. And the amount of man — and, of course, woman — power that goes into individually creating every stand is just the start.


“At Heaven’s Trail, we use SolidWorks files that become custom-built prototypes,” says founder Chris Berry. “This probably sounds like engineering mumbo-jumbo, but it’s just the start of what makes us different. Our Alpha and Beta phases of prototyping — the first-article inspections, then manufacturing efficiencies — are steps a standard fabrication shop couldn’t care less about.”

Berry insists that nobody in the industry is more obsessive about manufacturing and quality control. Likewise, nobody works harder to source American-made components and materials.

“All our soft goods and webbing comes from North Carolina,” Berry says. “Our aluminum comes from a mill in North Carolina and [the aluminum for] our Hang Around® Sticks is extruded in Utah. That raw material is then sent to Alabama for laser-cutting and tube-bending. Subassemblies are welded together here at our plant.”


The materials aspect is something Berry could go on about for days. The reason is simple: Every component in a tree stand serves a specific purpose, and each selection has a ripple effect on how the entire stand will perform.

“It’s sort of like stacking tolerances with all these tubes having holes that have to be sized correctly so you can get a bolt through them,” Berry says. “The lightweight aluminum we use allows for huge dimensions and also provides the durability and flexibility, is weatherproof, and is recyclable.

The Fibergrate used for our platform provides for incredibly stable footing that doesn’t conduct heat, is UV-resistant and extremely quiet.

Our Dura-Con hardware is a whole new ball game when it comes to weathering the elements. We blow minimum standards right out of the water, because there’s simply no weak link in our parts chain.”


Many hours of work and testing go into every Heaven’s Trail tree stand. Each phase of the process has a unique quality-control protocol, not just a final inspection. And the results speak for themselves.

“There’s nothing like watching an independent third party strap one of our stands to a tree and try to make it fail,” Berry says. “No detail in our manufacturing process is overlooked. And it shows, because we just don’t have build issues. It’s why we’re proud to provide customers test results at the bottom of every product page. Who else in the industry does that?”


Since 2014, Heaven’s Trail has relentlessly dialed in on what it means to use a tree stand. Berry likes to call it The Tree Stand Narrative

“I love my granddaddy, but this is not your granddaddy’s tree stand company,” Berry says. “We came onto the scene determined to totally reinvent the wheel, which I believe we did. We’ve used modern tools, materials, computer engineering technology and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to totally transform the tree stand hunting experience. And we did it all without losing the human touch.”

Heaven’s Trail tree stands are built differently from the rest, with an obsessive attention to detail plus personal customer care that extends long after the sale.

“When you buy one of our Hang Around® stands, you become part of a community,” Berry says. “You’ll receive notifications from us — stuff like maintenance recommendations and reminders to buy new webbing every couple of seasons. And if you call with a question or a problem, there will always be a person to talk to. In many cases, you’ll probably be talking directly to me.”

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