For those of us who are passionate about hunting whitetails and investing time outdoors, it’s all about the process. Harvesting that trophy buck might be the end goal for some, but what we do to put ourselves in a position for that success is really the essence of it all.

Here at Heaven’s Trail®, the elevated hunting experience has been our hunting tactic of choice for many seasons. When it comes to installing and uninstalling tree stands, we knew there had to be a more efficient way. It all started with the concept of one trip up and one trip down the tree. We like to call it the “One Trip Process” (OTP).

Why? The way we’ve been conditioned to install tree stands was dangerous and physically demanding just to get a small, uncomfortable platform in a tree. So those issues, and more, needed to improve. We set out to develop a safer and more efficient process for our tree stands.

The “OTP” concept starts with preparation and making sure you have everything you need readily available for the task at hand.

Staging the tools and components before you start up the tree is the key:

  • Your Hang Around® tree stand in position on the ground floor and connected to the Hang Around® Winch
  • The first Hang Around® Stick installed at knee height on the tree with the remaining Sticks on the ground floor connected to the Tether System.
  • Your Hang Around® BELT properly worn, Hang Around® Winch attached to BELT, cordless drill attached to the lanyard and the Stick Tether System also attached.

Now it’s time to ascend the tree.

The core of our “OTP” installation is the Hang Around® Winch. The thought of manhandling our stands up the tree was just not an option — so our engineers said: Why not go up the tree safely and then somehow raise the tree stand up to you?

The Hang Around® Winch is a worm-gear device and is easily operated with a cordless drill. This makes installing our tree stands much easier and safer than traditional methods.

Once you have reached the desired height in the tree, it’s time to attach the Hang Around® Winch with the tree strap. Once the Winch is secured, you are ready to bring the tree stand up into position.

Notice that the Hang Around® BELT provides you with a secure connection to the tree at all times. The BELT allows you the freedom to use both hands while providing lumbar support to your back during the installation process. This really provides a safe work position!

Another great innovation that allows for the “OTP” installation is the bubble level. This tool gives you a true reading of the stand’s pitch and roll without having to go down the tree to see if the tree stand is level.

It’s located on the back of each tree stand, allowing for clear visibility while adjusting the Articulating Bracket for a perfectly level position.

After the stand is in the desired position, you simply remove the Hang Around® Winch from the tree stand and tree, attach it to your Hang Around® BELT, and safely descend the tree.

If you are installing a Hang Around® Solo or Double, you can uninstall the Hang Around® Sticks and safely lower them to the ground with the Tether System.

If you’re looking to improve your elevated hunting experience, you’ve found the next level of comfort, ease of use, and technology when it comes to tree stands. We’re not saying it will take less time to install our stands, but it sure will make the task easier and less taxing on your body!

Check out this video to view the full “OTP” installation process!

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