Anything Less Then The "Belt" is Just That

It’s not just a safety belt. It’s a tree stand work positioning system built in collaboration with Buckingham Manufacturing—the most trusted equipment for lineman and arborists in America.

Let’s be honest. The new Belt from Heaven’s Trail isn’t built for the casual hunter. It’s professional grade. A highly-specialized piece of tree climbing equipment custom built to Heaven’s Trail specifications and made for hunters who know there’s no such thing as overkill when you’re talking about safety and comfort once you leave the ground.

Heaven’s Trail tapped the tree climbing experts at Buckingham Manufacturing to help specially design and engineer the Belt. Founded in 1896 as a steel shop that made parts for workhorses that pulled everything from carriages to plows, the company first got into climbing equipment during the World War I.

According to historians at the Marines Corps Museum, the U.S. Army Signal Corps constructed 2,000 miles of telegraph and telephone pole lines (28,000 miles of wire and 32,000 miles of French communication poles) so Western Front soldiers could communicate with their commanders.

“Even by World War II, pole climbing equipment was still very primitive and basically relied on spikes strapped to your feet,” says Buckingham’s Chris Delaverra. “It wasn’t until the 1950s and 60s that leather body belts and climbers were developed.”

After WWII, returning Signal Corp vets got jobs stringing up and maintaining a communication network for America’s burgeoning phone industry. A massive undertaking. Buckingham focused on suppling safety gear to lineman in the utility industry and, eventually, to arborists in the 1970s.

“The arborist industry—especially in Europe—is where all the really advanced climbing techniques and hardware comes from,” says Delaverra. “To create the Belt for Heaven’s Trail, we pulled on decades of technology and lessons learned from people who make a living working off of ropes.”

The Belt comes with everything you need to scramble up and down trees like a squirrel. Cuts stand hanging time in half and makes you feel safe the whole time. Nothing makes hands-free positioning of climbing sticks or your Hang Around® stands easier, the Belt is built for anybody who installs or uninstalls multiple tree stands annually and has an appreciation for safety, comfort, and technique over speed.

Want an easier way to install your tree stand seamlessly in minutes? The One Trip Process is one trip up and down the tree. It’s that easy! Upgrade your installation experience. Watch our video and see for yourself below.

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