5 Things We Hate About Installing Tree Stands in late summer

hot hunting

It’s late July, creeping up on August and the temperatures will start dropping in the next 60-90 days.  Thank God!

That means Opening Day is sneaking up on us too.  Pretty soon, the anticipation of Fall encounters will begin dancing in our heads.  And we’re not ready.  Not ready to go fight the heat, the ticks, the snakes and start checking our hunting spots.  

It’s the 80-20 rule again.  80% of tree stand hunters will wait until right before their season starts to purchase and install tree stands.  20% of tree stand hunters do it right at the end of their season.  Regardless of which camp you’re in, if you enjoy being in a tree stand, at some point you have to pick one, buy it, assemble it, and install it before you can enjoy it.

Here are 5 things we hate about the process.

1) It’s hot, humid and just the thought of climbing around in the trees is exhausting.

Trekking through the woods in late July to even get to your stand can feel like a trip across the sahara. It sure is easier to put on some SPF50 and go fishing, play golf, just not climbing trees! 

Fortunately the Winch, Belt and Sticks make installing so much easier.  This system was designed to make tree stand installations easy and fun.


ticks and deer hunting

2) There are still some nasty critters you need to deal with.

This time of year the woods are filled with things we hate, like snakes, mosquitos and ticks. Ticks are the worst and can be seriously dangerous. When we head out into the woods this spring we always load up on a long lasting bug spray. If we know we will be walking through snake country we wear snake proof boots just to be safe.


tree stand maintenance

3) Late Summer Tree Stand Maintenance.

Tree Stand maintenance is generally a reminder that what you bought last year didn’t work out like you hoped.  And installing it last year was such a pain, that you never bothered to relocate it.  But you did consider buying a new tree stand for a tree 50 yards away. The good news is you’re out there inspecting your stands, especially the straps that hold it to the tree. There’s a reason most tree stand accidents happen in the early season.  Last year, when you installed that tree stand, you got the straps as tight as you possibly could.  Right?  And you haven’t done anything since.  But that tree has continued to grow!  Placing a tremendous amount of pressure on the straps.  

If you use low cost straps, you shouldn’t realistically expect them to last very long.  Even if you use higher grade straps, you should replace them every two years.  Different trees grow at different rates.  Take a pine tree for example, most of them grow very fast.  Where an oak tree doesn’t grow as quickly.  They each have different root systems too.  So the type of tree matters, and you still owe it to yourself to inspect those straps often.

4) Assembling your Tree stand

Assembly isn’t really part of installation, but it’s a prerequisite.  And it sucks.  Tree stands generally come packaged in 2-4 boxes and take about 2-3 hours to assemble.  That’s only having to backtrack on 2 or 3 steps because you had the wrong length bolt, by ¼ inch somewhere.  

  1. Our goal for Assembly is 30 minutes or less, a GED or less. 
  2. Our stands are delivered to your destination by LTL carriers on either 36 inch by 36 inch pallets, or 66 inch by 66 inch pallets.  We have easy to follow manuals ready to help every step of the way.

5) Moving last year's unproductive tree stand

What happened here last season?  Right, it’s only been 6-7 months since you hunted that stand, but do you remember the deer travel patterns?  So, what tree is the best tree for hunting this particular spot?  You don’t remember, do you?

Fortunately, even scouting this time of year is easy too.  Grab a set of Sticks and the Belt to get up in tree stand position on a tree.  If you like the view, install a stand.  If that view doesn’t meet your expectations, fine, climb down and find a better tree! 

winch tree stand

6) Tree Stands are heavy

Getting your tree stand to the perfect spot can be a job in and of itself, especially in late July. Then you have to actually get this 50-100 pound stand 20 feet up a tree. That’s not fun for anyone.  Sure, you have plenty of options for smaller, lighter-weight tree stands.  But with the Winch as your tool to hoist these stands into position, we made our tree stands with lots of room and comfort features.  Think about this, even if it takes you an hour to install a tree stand, you’ll be sitting there for 3-4 hours at a time throughout the season.

Installing tree stands means you have to assemble your stand, get the stand to the tree, along with the other gear needed for installation. ( Remember a tree stand safety rope, some people refer to them as lifelines.) If that series of events has become mundane for you, we get it.  Step up your tree stand game with a set of tools designed specifically for installing tree stands. The Winch, Belt, & Sticks are application specific, making them easy to use.  And will keep you in a comfortable, safe position while hoisting your tree stand into position. 

Before long, you’ll be naming your tree stands with names like The Royal Oak, Throne Stand, & King Tree, instead of Boat Seat Stand!

We encourage you to research our One Trip Process and the tools for the job.  While other tree stand companies are doing their best to cut costs and corners while imitating each other, we’ve been busy designing tools and gear that last and make doing what you love much easier.  The decision is yours but at least now, finally, you have a premium quality option for your tree stand experience.


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