5 Major Reasons For Creating the One Trip Process

2020 has introduced everyone else to “Social Distancing.” As tree stand hunters, we’ve long enjoyed the benefits and look forward to our own version of social distancing every Fall. There’s just something about being up in a tree and watching nature.

For some, it’s all about the kill shot. For others, peaceful serenity is a cherished experience in the pursuit of America’s most popular big game animal. And with all the craziness of today’s world, we hope more and more people will turn to the forest to find their own escape, recharge their lives. We would like to introduce those people, and traditional tree stand hunters to our brand.

Look, whatever the reason, you're researching our One Trip Process, and we're thrilled about it. We can't pretend to know the inspiration behind every tree stand placement, but we do know the basic goal is to get your tree stand up there safely so you can take advantage of the view.

Want an easier way to install your tree stand seamlessly in minutes? The One Trip Process is one trip up and down the tree. It’s that easy! Upgrade your installation experience. Watch our video and see for yourself below.

Whatever the reason is beyond that, hey, we're happy that you're considering our methods & tools to help you. Thankfully, installing a tree stand isn’t what it used to be.

1. The Traditional Way of Installing Tree Stands is Awful

If you’ve ever installed a tree stand, you’ve probably done something stupid. Something you wouldn’t be proud of your kids doing. Yet somehow we’ve been conditioned to accept being miserable while installing tree stands. And once we finally get a tree stand installed, it takes an Act of Congress to talk us into moving it. The first step to improving is admitting there’s a problem!

2. Modern Methods and Gear for Traditional Pursuits

Generically, it’s called Design Thinking. Innovative ways to address specific problems. Starting with a blank slate as opposed to amending traditional products. You’ve heard the expression, “putting lipstick on a pig.” Not us!

We leaned on the experience of professional arborists to design our tree stand systems. Can you imagine a professional arborist climbing a ladder stand before it was secured to the tree? Can you imagine ASTM standards or OSHA regulations allowing that? Why were we doing it?

3. Quality Products from American Brands

Heaven’s Trail and Buckingham Manufacturing both pride themselves on being Made in America. Both brands bring innovative, thoroughly tested, and patented products to market that increases safety and performance. That improved experience comes at a cost. Testing is costly. Quality craftsmanship comes at a cost. American products are once again made with pride and built to last. In dangerous situations, like being 20 feet up a tree, American brands are the ones so many people trust with their lives.

4. It Was About Time

Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." For decades, tree stand hunters have been essentially installing tree stands the same old way, while hoping it would be better this next time, somehow, please. But until our brand, nobody really did anything about it. That’s innovation, and it was about time.

5. A Metamorphosis Finally Occurred

One of the most esoteric reasons of all: you needed a change in the way you were installing tree stands. Check out our YouTube page and you’ll see all sorts of different ways we’ve been trying to make accommodations for ourselves.

So whether you’re tremendously experienced at tree stand installations, or a tree stand installation virgin, you just know there has to be a better way. Sure there have been a few gadgets along the way, but our One Trip Process is the first comprehensive approach to tree stand installation and maintenance.

Learn more for yourself. We think you’ll agree, it’s about time someone did this!

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