4 Frustrating Problems With Most Tree Stand Platforms

Heaven's Trail Tree Stand Platform

When was the last time you thanked your tree stand platform for helping you feel comfortable on your last hunt?

The reality is most people don’t give a second thought to how important tree stand platforms can be to winning the day while tree stand hunting. A great tree stand platform is a critical and often overlooked component of a successful, comfortable hunt.

Your platform is the equivalent of the lettuce in a BLT sandwich. You know the lettuce is in there but is it really providing any value?

If you’re on the hunt for a new tree stand it is important to spend time & research the differences in the materials used for the platform. There are a variety of factors that can lead to serious problems when hunting. But if your focus remains on the cost of your tree stand versus quality materials and craftsmanship, you will be disappointed with your cheaply made stand.

In order to help we’ve put together a list of four frustrating problems most tree stand platforms have that a Heaven’s Trail tree stand solves.

1. Loss of heat through your boots

If you want to end a hunt early, plan on having ice-cold feet for an hour. We’ve all layered sock after sock and then tried to cram our foot into an uncomfortable hunting boot. But did you know your tree stand platform could be the reason your feet are cold?

Many tree stand platforms are made of metal which will conduct the heat out of your boot in the colder temps. This will leave your feet ice-cold when hanging unprotected in a winter stand.

Losing heat through boots due to tree stand platform

When we were researching our tree stand materials we wanted to build a structure using a durable resin composite material called Fibergrate®. It’s used throughout the manufacturing world in a variety of applications. Through product testing, we knew that Fibergrate® was incredibly strong and had the added benefit of not being made of metal which meant it would not conduct the heat away from your boot in the winter.

2. Poor traction

As you're climbing into and out of a tree stand you need to feel confident in your footing. The last thing you need is your foot to slip out from underneath you 18 feet in the air.

The problem with some tree stand platforms is they are often made of metal tubing which is very slippery in the best of conditions. Add a little morning dew on those metal tubes and forget about it.

The molded resins of Fibergrate® have a higher friction factor and remain safe, even when wet. In fact, the same grid pattern we use on our tree stands is used throughout the world to prevent workplace slipping accidents. We wanted to provide the same slip coverage protection to all hunters.

3. Loud noise when adjusting your weight while prepping a shot.

Is there anything worse than drawing on that trophy buck and your tree stand creaks sending your quarry scurrying through the woods? Some tree stands often start warping and welded joints can pop loose over time which leads to a noisy tree stand with the slightest shift in weight.

Because Fibergrate® is custom manufactured in Texas for all our tree stands it is built to fit snugly in place without breaking down over time. A noisy tree stand won’t be your excuse the next time you spook a deer.

4. Most existing platforms are very small.

Climbing up 20 feet in the air and trying to maneuver on a platform that barely fits your boot is sure to get your heart racing. The problem is most existing tree stands are made of materials that can’t support a wider platform or they are just too heavy to be easy to install.

Fibergrate® has an excellent weight to strength ratio and is 70% lighter than steel. This allows us to build a significantly larger platform than other products on the market. The large platform means you can feel safe and comfortable while entering and exiting your stand.

Heaven's Trail Double Tree Stand

When we set out to upgrade the concept of tree stands we knew it had to include the platform we spend so much time on. The addition of Fibergrate® in our latest iterations means a more comfortable, safer, and quieter hunt. But like any start-up we didn’t just launch with this amazing solution. It took us years to finally settle on the best path forward. So if you see a photo of our old platforms anywhere on our site, send us an email at info@heavenstrail.com and we’ll send you a reward for your eagle-eyed detective work.

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