3 Ways a Winch Can Provide Relief When Installing a Tree Stand

Man using winch

Tree stand installation season is right around the corner for many of you. It’s the 80-20 Rule again.  80% will install stands right before their season begins and 20% work on tree stand placement right after their season ends.  Either way, this is a great time of year to deploy trail cameras, relocate tree stands and even install a few new ones.  Let the Winch help make all of your tree stand maintenance easy.

We’ve already installed our stands for this upcoming season, but we always consider another couple of stands as the season approaches. We get fired up to be back in the trees this time of year. I know it’s probably hot and the snakes and ticks are out, but it’s a great time to be thinking about your tree stand placements for the upcoming season.  

So as you’re getting back in the woods with your trail cameras, remember to take a harness and check your tree stands too.  You might as well be efficient and do a tree stand safety check while you’re out there installing cameras.  


Installation with winch


At the end of each season, we generally uninstall all of our stands and lifelines for fine-tuning tree stand placement.  It’s also a great time to safety check the webbing and lifelines.  We don’t say our webbing lasts X years because it really depends on what type of tree you use.  Some grow faster than others obviously.  Making annual inspections is part of our routine.  But you should always inspect the webbing and lifelines before each use, even during the season.  You just never know when some critter has decided to eat some for a snack!


Man sitting in tree stand


A popular rule of thumb is to replace your tree stand webbing every other year.  Fortunately, we make that easy for you too.  Simply visit the Tree Stand Ratchet & Webbing Kit page on our website and order as many as you need.  You’ll love the new Dura-Con coated ratchets that are now standard on all of our tree stands.

Some of you uninstall stands and store them away.  Now that summer is here, it’s time to start pulling those tree stands out of storage.  It’s a great idea to do a safety check on them now too.  Next is getting your stands installed!

You don’t have to look far to find tips for making installation easier.  We all know the way we’ve been conditioned to install stands is awful, especially in the heat of summer.  A quick YouTube search for tree stand installation shows we’re all looking for better ways to get stands in trees.  Some of what you’ll find are decent ideas and some of what you’ll find is just crazy.  The different accommodations out there range from creative to lunacy, but none are tested.  Testing matters.

Be good to yourself and use our One Trip Process for installing and maintaining tree stands.  The foundation of the One Trip Process is the Winch, Sticks, & Belt.

Our brand was founded back in 2014 with the Winch. We wanted to make the entire process of installing a tree stand easier and less of a burden so that we can all get back to enjoying our time in the outdoors.


winch assisted installation


The Winch is powered by your cordless drill and will quickly become your go-to way for installing tree stands year-round.  It comes with a tree strap, carabiner, y-harness, and custom socket.  




Here are three ways our Winch can provide you relief when installing a tree stand. 

  1. The Winch does all the work.

    Whether you’re carrying a stand up on your back or leaning it up against the tree, it takes physical strength and can get awkward in a hurry.  The One Trip Process involves using Sticks to get up the tree, and a Belt to keep you secure while climbing.  The Winch, it does all the heavy lifting for you!  Doesn’t matter if you’re installing a Hang Around or one of our ladder stands, the Winch gets your stand up there.  It’s never been easier.

    securing the winch

  2. The Winch holds your stand in position.

    The other problem with installing tree stands is getting them to the perfect spot on the tree. With traditional installations, you’ve either carried your stand up with you or you have to lift it to your position with a pull-up rope.  It can be difficult to hold the stand with one hand while you hug the tree with your other hand, all while trying to install the stand.  It’s madness. 

    The Winch is a worm gear system that allows you to stop the tree stand in the perfect position.  Since the Winch is supporting all the weight of the stand, it makes attaching the stand to the tree so much easier. You won’t want to install it any other way.

    Two men installing a tree stand

  3. The Winch increases your efficiency.
    The best part about the Winch is it allows you to install several stands in one day. Your arms and back will thank you once you start using the One Trip Process. The 30:1 mechanical advantage of the worm gear gives your drill superpowers.

    Using the Winch in conjunction with the One Trip Process will make your installation process much easier. We hope it will eliminate the excuse that moving your stand is too frustrating and encourage you to get your tree stand placements more dialed in each season.
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